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Services & Products

Cleaning & maintenance

Sparrow Pools offers the following services

Free water testing

We offer free water testing, which we recommend be done every week or fortnight. This tests the pH, Chlorine and Total Alkalinity.

Weekly maintenance

Weekly service – check operation of pump, filter, timer, chlorinator and automatic cleaner. Backwash and rinse of sand filter. Clean out weir and pump baskets. Water testing. Water chemical tests.

Installation & repairs of equipment

We supply and install swimming pool cleaners, pumps, sand filters, salt chlorinators, replacement of light bulbs, heaters and solar heating and complete repairs on all equipment.

Sand changes

Filter sand should be replaced every 2 to 3 years. The sand should also be chemically cleaned every six months using a filter cleaner product.


Is your pool losing water? Through a process of elimination we will test and monitor your equipment, suction and return lines to determine where the leak is and repair it.

Fibrelining & installing new pools

Re-fibrelining of old pools, fibrelining of newly built pools and installation of pre-cast fiberglass shells.

Swimming pool inline leaf catchers

Swimming pool accessories

Cleaning accessories, lighting, leaf eaters, pool skims.

Automatic cleaners

Baracuda Pacer, MX6 and MX8

Swimming pool pumps

Swimming pool pumps & filters

Quality pool pumps, Quality Superflow sand filters.

Salt water chlorinators

Clearwater chlorinators

Swimming pool covers

Swimming pool covers

Aquanet, safety nets, Aquaguards, PVC cover,
 leaf catchers, solar blankets

Swimming pool heating

Swimming pool electric heating

Astral pool heat pumps

Swimming pool solar heating

Swimming pool solar heating

Sun Command SC Solar Heating System.

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