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Welcome to Sparrow Pools

Sparrow Pools is run by Brendon and Tracy Bessinger who have been in the swimming pool industry since 2004. There are 3 maintenance teams that service over 280 pools in the Port Alfred, Kenton, Cannon Rocks, Kleinemonde and Fish River areas. There are 2 further teams that carry out repairs, fibrelining of pools and installation of fiberglass pool shells.

Meet the team here

Brendon & Tracy

We’ll go to any lengths

Put us to the challenge.

By boat

By boat

Brendon and team towing a pool shell to a client in the Kowie Marina

By air

By air

Helicoptering a pool shell in for installation.

By road

By road

Transporting a pool shell by truck


Need assistance?

Have a question? Drop us a mail.

2B Keey Street, Port Alfred

On the R72 near Kowie vet.

(071) 731-6466

We’re here to help.