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Pool Heating

Solar & Electric Heating

Solar heating

Solar heating installation

The Sun Command solar panel system is an efficient collector of the free energy available from the sun. The panels are mounted onto the house roof, or a suitable structure, and clean filtered water is passed through the panels during the daytime, by means of your existing pool pump.

The water passing through the panels collects the irradiated heat from the sun and is returned to your pool as warmed water. This process is continually repeated until your swimming pool reaches the desired temperature.

Electric heating

Astral heat pump

Achieve your desired heat all year round.

Inverter technology for intelligent heating & the perfect temperature.

  • Certified A+ energy rating
  • R32 Environmentally friendly gas
  • Smart LCD touch display for easy operation
  • Unique fan blade design further reducing typical wind noise
  • Can operate at ambient temperatures as low as -7°C
  • WiFi control via Smartphone App